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Common Name: Angelonia
Botanical Name: Angelonia spp. (an-je-LO-ni-a)
Decorative Life:
Family Roots:
  • As a member of the Scrophulariaceae (figwort) family, its common relatives include Calceolaria, Veronica, mullein, Penstemon, foxglove, snapdragon and Nemesia.
  • There are about 25 species native to the tropical Americas, especially to Brazil.
Availability: Mostly summer.
Flower Color: Violet, lavendar, pink, white, red and/or purple, striped or spotted.
  • From Angelon, the Latin American common name for A. salicariifolia.
  • One common series is 'Angelmist' reported to do very well in the landscape in either containers or garden settings.